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 "In The Red" BCAL 707 Into RAF..where???

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PostSubject: "In The Red" BCAL 707 Into RAF..where???   Fri Oct 08, 2010 2:23 pm

Hi first post here, someone might remember Dad..

I recently posted this over at the FLYPAST forum..

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My father, Alan Lane, often mentioned an occasion, where he flew, after many landing permission refusals, his full laden BCAL 707, with extremely marginal fuel reserves, and without permission, into the least fog bound airfield in southern england, which happened to be an RAF station, the name of which I cannot recall...

He recalled the first person into the flightdeck was the station commander, who shouted , and I quote "...THIS NEVER HAPPENED..!!! you leave at dawn...! (which dad did)
the shouting being over the applause of passengers and crew..

I think this would have been in the early seventies, and very sadly dad passed away early last year., and so cannot elaborate

Is there any way I can find out which RAF station it was ? or is it possible for an unauthorised landing at an RAF station to occur without official recording, (..surely the refuelling would have been logged ?)

Any assistance will be much appreciated...

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"In The Red" BCAL 707 Into RAF..where???
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