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 BCAL Pensioner - query

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John Morgan

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PostSubject: BCAL Pensioner - query   Tue Oct 18, 2011 7:54 am

Hi Robin West,

Along the same lines as your original question, I worked for BCAL from 1970 to August 1977 and when I reluctantly left I was under the impression that that was that, finished, out the door. I do not remember any conversations about pensions.

However, 34 years later, I have recently received a letter from BA Pension Scheme out of the blue asking me to confirm that I did work for BCAL before they were taken over by BA as I may be entitled to pension benefits. This has come as a pleasant surprise and since leaving BCAL I certainly have never been in a position to use what you call "Staff Benefits" but I do believe I am about to get a BCAL/BA Pension despite actually retiring in May 2011. So, maybe BA Pension Scheme are trying to trace all those ex-BCAL people who have not enjoyed any pension benefits to date.

John Morgan
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BCAL Pensioner - query
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